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Follow our journey to China to bring Kristi home. After many years of prayerful consideration, we began this journey in January of 2010. We discovered Kristi's file in May of 2010 and the paperwork began. Finally in July 2011 we are on our way to bring her home!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

July 30, 2011

First day home.  After going to bed around midnight, Kristi woke up at 4AM (haven't made that time change yet)!  She sat up in bed and called out 'Mama!' but was not crying or anything. Paul got up with her for an hour (Kim had enough being in charge all the previous day) while she chased the cat.  Then Lindsey took over at 5 and Paul went back to bed.  Lindsey played with Kristi all morning and let Paul and Kim sleep in until 9AM.  Kristi loves the kids - probably because they have been willing to play non-stop with her (wonder how long that will last??)  They chased the cat, played catch with the beach ball, played play dough, played the piano and climbed in boxes.  Kim and Lindsey went grocery shopping around 11 (oh the joy of normality and a frappachino from Starbucks!)  Kristi was fine staying home and playing with boys.  Then we had a big lunch - chicken and vegetables from the garden - potatoes, corn on the cob and tomatoes!  Kristi ate it all - the best she has eaten in days.  In the afternoon Paul took the boys for physicals and Kristi was happy to play with Lindsey (maybe we should consider talking Lindsey into going to Lincoln Land this year??)  It is now almost 6 and I am sure Kristi is probably ready to crash.  She is pretty tired - but has been so happy today!  We are amazed at how quickly she took to the kids!

Mentally, Kristi is very sharp and is willing to imitate some English for the kids (but still won't say any for mom and dad).  Her fine motor skills are good - drawing and coloring.  She lags in the running, jumping, catching department - probably somewhat because of her disability.  However, relationally and emotionally she really acts more like a three year old right now.  She loves to help - put things away, fold clothes, hand you things.  I am happy to report she has gained 2 pounds in the two weeks we have had her.  She weighed 26 pounds when we got her and she is now up to 28 pounds.  She exhibits many of the characteristics you read about in the international adoption books - wanting to get attention from everyone, extreme curiosity, resistance to cuddling and affection except on her terms, periods of resentment and anger intermingled with laughter and dependence, hoarding of her belongings, inability to amuse herself, very demanding - but she has come so far in just the two weeks we have had her.

Well, we have completed our journey to bring Kristi home, but the journey to raise her has just begun. Thank you for coming with us and for your prayers over the last couple of weeks.  We wrote the blog mainly for our children and our parents, but have learned of so many who started following it.  We must admit it was a stressful experience and we appreciated each and every one of your prayers.  God provided encouragement and peace when we had none.  This is the end of our blog - but keep in touch with us and continue to keep us in your prayers as we continue down this path - we know there are many tough days ahead.  But we look forward to the joy and love that will follow...

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